EIF has a differentiated approach that offers a number of benefits. We have a sophisticated understanding of sustainability problems, and we are pragmatic about related business solutions. Our understanding is built on a systems perspective, refined by careful study over many years, and sharpened by rigorous analysis. As a consequence:

  1. We are pragmatic about what is likely to work and what will not. We pursue incremental systemic change, rather than “breakthrough technology”. We feel our approach has a higher probability of investment success and positive impact over time
  2. We consistently identify unique, attractive opportunities. Our broad scope, combined with strict filters and rigorous analysis, enables us to uncover myriad situations where systems are ready to change. We find opportunities that the “herd” has not discovered.
  3. We have credibility with sustainability entrepreneurs. They understand that we “get it,” are actively engaged, and can add value to their efforts. This can offer us preferential access to opportunities.