James Everett is a Managing Partner with the Ecosystem Integrity Fund, where he authored the fund strategy; leads research, due diligence, and strategy development; and serves as Chairman of the Investment Committee. He has been focused on environmental sustainability for 30 years, which has cultivated a sophisticated understanding of sustainability problems and strong pattern recognition with respect to workable solutions in green business. James is committed to the integration of economic and ecological sustainability, believing that green ideas have increased potential for scale and impact when they are directed toward practical solutions of business problems.

James serves as a Director on the boards of LumiGrow, Complete Solar, Pegasus Solar, and CleanFund. He was a board member at Zep Solar prior to Zep’s acquisition by SolarCity. He is a board observer at Opti. He is also formerly a board member at Opti, T-Rex, and Synchronet, and was a board observer with Synova Power and OneEnergy Renewables.

James has many years of experience in a range of areas related to natural resources and renewable energy, as well as very strong analytical and due diligence capabilities.

Before co-founding the Ecosystem Integrity Fund, James was a partner at Aquillian Investments, was Conservation Finance Manager for Pacific Forest Trust, and managed integrated conservation and development projects for the World Conservation Union.

Previously, James worked in commercial finance with GATX Capital, where he conducted financial analysis and due diligence on investments in rail, air, marine, distributed power generation, telecommunications, and natural resources; worked in timberland investment and management with Wagner Forest Management; led a research and demonstration center for sustainable technologies; was co-director of a university recycling program; worked for a photovoltaic systems integrator on installation of some of the first grid-tied PV systems in the San Francisco Bay Area; and has run his own arboricultural consulting business.

He holds a Master of Forestry degree from Yale University and a BS in Environmental Policy and Management from Humboldt State University and completed the UC Berkeley Venture Capital Executive Program. When not working, he prefers to be in the mountains with his wife, gardening, or playing guitar.