Revolutionary solar mounting technology Zep systems have 85% fewer parts, are installed 4.5x faster, and reduce the total cost of solar by 10-20% Licensed to the world’s largest module manufacturers 305% CAGR from 2010-2013 Sold to Solar City (SCTY) December 2013 for $158M www.zepsolar.com


Premium, organic, probiotic beverage with annual sales above $50M Proprietary formulation scientifically proven to support digestive and immune health At nexus of rapidly growing probiotic, coconut water, and fermented beverage segments in the $20B+ functional beverage category Available in more than 20 flavors at over 15,000 stores across North America Sold to PepsiCo (PEP) December 2016, for $200M+ www.kevita.com


Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure company Sells residential and fleet EV charging hardware and software Cloud-based software network enables intelligent two-way communication between EVs and the power grid Mitigates the strain that EVs impose on grid infrastructure and allows utilities to exploit the massive opportunity that EVs represent for additional grid usage, load balancing, and better integration of intermittent power sources, such as renewables Partnerships in place with major utilities, vehicle manufacturers, and other EV charging hardware companies Sold to Enel S.p.A. October 2017 www.emotorwerks.com

EV Connect

Public Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure company Provides the leading open-source software platform for public charging stations – i.e. commercial, governmental, workplace, and multi-family Functionality includes access control, demand response participation, and site health, reservations, queueing, and peak load management. Hardware agnostic, focused on managing tens of thousands of chargers across the US System enables aggregation of EV charging load and large-scale demand management to balance the power grid, enabling greater EV adoption and renewable energy penetration www.evconnect.com


Premium, certified organic, probiotic beer and alcoholic kombucha beverages Employs an advanced fermentation process and a formulation to create functional alcoholic beverages including gluten-free beer Pioneering “better-for-you” alcoholic beverages in the $100B+ beer category Rolling out in retail outlets across the country www.flyingembers.com


Developer of novel refrigerants and accompanying support tools to significantly lower the environmental impact of HVAC equipment Very large market facing significant disruption by mandated transition to new refrigerants, with insufficient support for technicians Bluon refrigerant delivers up to 25% reduction in equipment energy consumption and quick payback for asset owners Service and software support tools help technicians navigate a challenging transition and propagate energy efficiency best practices Growing partnerships with large real estate owners and Fortune 100 companies www.bluonenergy.com


Pioneer of intelligent stormwater management: essentially, the “smart grid” for water infrastructure Provides real-time monitoring and automated control of distributed stormwater assets, improving the performance of assets, reducing flood risk, and saving customers money Integrates cloud-based software, predictive analytics, real-time data, and stormwater asset control hardware Intelligent stormwater management is a key element of “smart cities” and climate change adaptation Customers include both large cities and smaller municipalities across the US, as well as large commercial property owners www.optirtc.com


Rail-free residential solar mounting hardware company Proprietary mounting hardware enables faster installation, reduced system cost, and improved aesthetics Works with most roof types and best-in-class solution for tile roofs; tile is the dominant roof type in the US Southwest and is difficult and expensive to service with existing solar mounting solutions Rapidly growing customer base of large-to-medium-sized installers across the U.S. www.pegasussolar.com


Residential solar sales and installation firm focused on using software to improve sales process and eliminate operational inefficiencies Process automation including system design, permitting, and installation management has produced industry-leading time from contract to installation. Results in lower operating costs and a better customer experience Top-20 US residential solar company www.completesolar.com


LED lighting company seeking to replace wasteful HID lighting in the multi-billion dollar greenhouse and indoor agriculture market Delivers approximately 40% electricity savings versus conventional lighting Company is a leader in the emerging field of spectral science, involving the precise control of light wavelengths to improve crop yield and quality, and reduce the need for toxic plant growth regulators Large number of repeat customers throughout North America, including major commercial growers, agro-science businesses, and research institutions www.lumigrow.com


Innovative waste-to-energy project developer that converts garbage and biomass into clean syngas for use in power generation Proprietary gas cleaning technology and proven system components enable better environmental performance and dramatically reduced capital costs Potential to dominate the global market for small/medium-size waste-to-energy projects Currently developing global pipeline of projects with initial concentration of projects in Southeast Asia www.synovapower.com


Provider of low cost financing for commercial properties doing energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades using PACE (“Property Assessed Clean Energy”) bonds PACE is tax-lien financing that enables underlying property to be used as collateral, rather than financed equipment or property owner credit. This enables access to low cost commercial debt and lends itself to securitization Market expanding rapidly, as property owners look for better ways to finance efficiency and other deferred maintenance Clean Fund is the leader in the commercial real estate segment of the PACE market www.cleanfund.com


Leading mid-market (5-50 megawatts) solar project developer Focused on early stage development in inefficient US state markets Pioneering direct sale of long-term off-site solar contracts to business and institutional customers (e.g. Home Depot and The National Aquarium) Over past two years, has rapidly built over 1,000 megawatt project pipeline www.oneenergyrenewables.com


Pioneer of analytics software to facilitate due diligence and securitization of renewable energy assets Company combines expertise in renewable energy, structured finance, and software development Enables significant improvement in ability to analyze asset portfolios in a fraction of the time such analysis normally requires, reducing both risk and cost Valuable to project developers, banks, rating agencies, and institutional investors Expanding base of initial software licensees www.trexgroup.com


Certified organic, caffeine-free, energy and restorative health beverages Formulated to improve mental performance, immune systems, and energy levels Products based on clinically researched ingredients that restore healthier cell function No harmful additives or caffeine www.cycledrink.com


Shipping logistics technology and services company that is revolutionizing the global shipping supply chain Repositioning empty shipping containers accounts for 20% of all container traffic – $10B-$15B per year in wasted expense SynchroNet’s proprietary container matching platform increases efficiency and profitability, and significantly reduces carbon emissions www.synchronetintermodal.com


Software and services company helping businesses execute sustainability initiatives iVeridis’ electronic network improves customers’ ability to source and evaluate clean technologies, while also providing sales acceleration for service providers Buyers save money, reduce risk, and improve environmental performance Sellers increase revenue through highly qualified lead generation Early customers include large global retailers, energy companies, and consumer product companies Merged with UK company synoptic in 2015 www.iveridis.com


World’s first and largest producer of advanced varietal (selectively bred / non-GMO) pines Trees grow 40% faster than conventional pines and have other beneficial traits These attributes help landowners achieve higher returns, resist pressure for land conversion, and accelerate carbon sequestration Climate change will place great stress on tree species that cannot adapt or shift their habitat quickly enough. CellFor is an important tool in climate change adaptation Sold to ArborGen www.arborgen.com